Travelling Light and Its Advantages

Acquire tips on how to travel light for your backpacking trip and what are its advantages.

Going on adventures is always an exciting thing to do, especially now that flights are cheaper and  can take people from one place to another in the fastest and most convenient way.

But some travelers experience delay and inconvenience either because they have trouble packing or airport securities are confiscating some of their items. What’s the best solution? Travel light!


Below are tips, which you can use as your ready-made checklist, on how you can travel light and its advantages:






Check the weather condition of the place you’ll be flying to in order for you to determine what type of clothes you need to bring.

A good tip to remember is to dress what you don’t want to pack. Pants can be worn up to four times, shirts can be worn twice, and underwear are easy to wash and dry overnight.  You’d also want to wear comfortable clothes with breathable fabric.

The key to dressing right for a flight is to layer your outfits. Layering helps you adjust to varying temperatures before, during, and after your flight. Bring clothes that can be easily mixed and matched to save you from overpacking and keep you fashionable.


Cabin Luggage




Depending on the varying rules and regulations of international airports, the usual cabin luggage will accommodate a maximum weight of 7 kg.

Look for packing cubes or ziplock bags

Both packing cubes and ziplock bags are intended to organize your belongings and increase storage space in your luggage.

Packing cubes are small bags that compress your items into a manageable size. They have mesh lining that lets air escape, allowing them to collapse into smaller sizes. Ziplock bags on the other hand, are cheaper alternative to packing cubes. They usually come in various sizes and packs from 1.5×2 inches to 3×4 inches.

Buy travel-size containers for your toiletries

Toiletries are things you use for personal hygiene such as toothbrush, facial care products, deodorant, shampoo, and conditioner.

Airport security are strict when it comes to carry-on liquid and gel products. To prevent your toiletries from getting confiscated, have them in travel-sized, preferably 100 ml or below, container and place them together in a small bag.

Place you medicine in a pill box

When packing your medicine, place them in a pill box so that you no longer need to pile them together in a ziplock or medicine bag. You’ll avoid forgetting to bring medicine you need to take daily. If you’re going to be packing prescribed drugs, it’s best to have your doctor’s note in case airport authorities question the number of medicines you’ve brought with you .

Organize your gadgets

Using either a packing cube or ziplock bags, roll your chargers and tie them separately so that they don’t get tangled with one another. It will be easier to get them and will save you time from reorganizing  them. To save space, store all of your gadgets such as cellphones, tablets, chargers, and headphones in one bag.

Secure your cash, cards, and documents

A safe way to manage your finances is to store your cash and cards in different wallets/purses; one for quick purchases and the other for expenses for the whole trip.

As for you travel and identification documents, keep in in folders or folded in ziplock envelopes. Provide copies and place them somewhere else in your carry-on luggage or bag in case one of the needed documents gets lost.


Check-In Luggage




The usual number of a check-in luggage is one. But if you must bring another check-in luggage or it exceeds the weight limit at an international airport. The maximum weight allowed usually ranges from 23 to 30 kg.

Place heavy items and pieces of clothing at the bottom

This step is crucial, especially if you are using an upright type of luggage. Placing heavier belongings at the bottom of your luggage keeps the base stable, this will prevent your luggage from tipping over.

Roll your clothes or use a folding board

Even if you decide to use packing cubes or airless ziplock bags, you’ll still need to organize your clothes properly to maximize space and avoid being encumbered.

Instead of the folding your clothes like the ones in your closet, try rolling them instead. It saves you more space as your cloth will shrink in size as you roll them. But if you’re worried about your formal clothes, you can use a folding board. Place the ones you used a folding board with on the top of your luggage (when placed down) to prevent any wrinkling.

Wrap all valuable and fragile items with a sock and place them inside your shoe

How can you save space and your valuable belongings? Use your socks!

Place fragile items such as perfumes and valuables such as money and jewelry inside your socks. This way, you won’t need to a separate bag for such items and will not add bulk to your luggage. After that, place your socks inside your spare shoes for further protection and practicality.

Put shoes in a plastic bag

If you’re worried about the dirt your shoes might transfer to your luggage or your clothes, wrap your them either in a regular plastic bag or large ziplock bags. This way, you would not only protect your items inside your luggage, but also the items inside your socks from scattering during the flight.

Insert your underwear between creases and gaps

Place your underwear between the creases and gaps in your luggage once it’s full. They can serve as partitions to your items for better organization.



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