No Fuss, All Adventure Month

Learn about the different, fun, and new adventures you can try in the Philippines. Have an all-adventure month and discover the beauty of nature waiting for you.

The Philippines is a country blessed with the beauty of nature. In fact, a great way to just disconnect from the city’s busy streets is to plan and go on an all-adventure month and make it a vacation you will never forget. Whether it’s camping inside a cave, climbing a mountain, or simply going to a museum. After all, it’s all about creating unforgettable memories, taking good pictures, and experiencing new things.

Below is a list of five unique things for you to try in all adventure month:


Subic Tree Top Adventure



Subic is known as one of the most visited places in Luzon, because of the many activities offered there. Often times, it’s the place where most family and company outings, team buildings, school field trips, and vacations are held.

Tree Top Adventure is the first ever theme park that is built with motorized zip lines in Asia. It’s the perfect place for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies because the rides and activities here will engage you physically as you either swing from one side to another or you bungee jump from the top of extremely tall trees.


Below are some of the activities and rides to try in  Subic Tree Top Adventure:


Canopy Ride – You and two of your friends will just sit and relax as the motorized ride will slowly move you through trees 100 feet above the ground. Take this time to catch your breath and to do some sightseeing.

Superman Ride – It’s named after the comic superhero for a reason. You will literally be positioned how Superman is when he flies; face first, you will be going back and forth in fast speed. Just think of it as flying only with safety gears attached.

Silver Surfer – With a harness securing your body as you position yourself to be standing on a platform, surf into the wind with a friend and glide from one side of a tree to another! Although there is something for the both of you to hold onto, what makes it surf-life is when you let go as your ride starts to swing. Just imagine yourself as the Silver Surfer from the famous Marvel comic books,

Interactive Free Fall – As you’re safely positioned in the ride, it will start to go up and down as it makes several cycles, taking you from 6 feet to 100 ft above the ground. Think of yourself riding a giant yoyo.

Tree Drop Adventure – Experience the ultimate rappelling adventure as you descend from a 60-foot tree Mission Impossible style. This ride is definitely not for the faint of heart as this ride is considered to be the highlight of the entire Tree Top Adventure.


Mt. Maculot




Located in Cuenca, Batangas,  Mt. Maculot is one of the scenic mountains surrounding Batangas and is easily identifiable for its disproportionate shape where you’ll find cliffs on its east side and a  complete slope found on the other. It’s Igloo-shaped form makes it a unique landmark and, once conquered, provides visitors the most beautiful view of Taal lake.


There are three areas on Mt. Maculot that should not be missed:

The first one is the Rockies, which is a 706-meter rock wall. To get there, you have to pass through a sea of cogon grass, walk through a steep muddy trail, and follow through a steep narrow trail after. You’ll also encounter a boulder-strawn rocks. Be very careful as you climb to get pass it.

The third one is the Grotto. Coming there, you can take either of the two trails: one that follows the original trail, and another one that goes down right directly from the summit. Following the second trail, you’ll need to pass through a forest. The Grotto appears where the forest ends. From there, you will see stations of the cross all the way to the end of the trail. No need to worry because compared to the other trails, this is quite a straightforward one.

The second one is the Summit. To get there, you have to go down from the Rockies, pass through the cogon field, and follow the slippery and muddy trail. Once near the top, you will get a clear view of the sky, indicating the end of the trail and the clearing towards the summit. This is the safest and best place to set-up camp and watch both sunrise and sunset. The Summit provides you a scenic view where you can take lots of pictures and share with others the beauty of nature beneath you.


Pagsanjan Falls



Pagsanjan Falls, located in Cavinti, Laguna, remains as one of the most visited attractions in the country. It is also locally called as “Magdapio Falls”. Because of its popularity Pagsanjan Falls is commonly mistaken as the biggest waterfall in the country. Where in fact, there are six other waterfalls that are higher than it.


Below are other activities you need try as you visit Pagsanjan Falls:


Boat Riding – You can book a package where a trained boatman will take you to Magdapio River for sightseeing before heading to Pagsanjan Falls. Take this time to just sit and relax as you appreciate the nature’s beauty and inhale the fresh air that you don’t normally get in Manila anymore.

Devil’s Cave – Located just behind Pagsanjan Falls, ride a bamboo raft to get to this cave. Take in the enormity of the waterfall as your boatman will make your ride go around as you enter the cave. Although there’s not much to explore inside the cave because it is dark inside, you are allowed to rest, swim, and eat snacks.

Pueblo El Salvador Nature Park and Picnic Grove – If you wish for a more physical activity, this eco-park is perfect for you. It is located at the main gateway going to Pagsanjan Falls. You can take this route and trek for an hour or two down the mountain if you do not wish to pay for a boat ride going to the the falls. The best thing about this place is that it provides you the best scenic view of Pagsanjan Falls.

Calinawan Cave



There is no better place for the ultimate spelunking experience than Calinawan Cave that is located in Barangay Tandang Kutyo in Tanay, Rizal.

It was named Calinawan after the Tagalog term “linaw”, meaning  clear. It was used as a hiding spot of many Filipinos during the Spanish-American war and throughout the Second World War. This was also the place where the Americans and the Japanese settled their war.

Calinawan Cave is made up of 5 layers of tunnel with the second layer being the longest. The first two layers are the easiest ones to trekk while the rest are pretty challenging. Having said that, there are still parts of the cave that have yet to be explored. Upon entering the cave, you will be welcomed by stalagmites and stalactites. If you aim your flashlight to one of the majestic and uniquely-shaped rocks, you will be amazed by the natural minerals appearing majestically  like crystals. Spring water also flows freely from these rocks. Calinawan Cave is also a popular shooting location for both local and international films.

Remember to follow all the safety measures before, during, and after exploring the cave. Do not do or bring anything that can bring harm to others and to the natural beauty standing right before you.

We hope this article helped you plan a month-long adventure you’ve always been planning to do. Don’t forget to bring all necessary and sanitary items. For the best on-the-go wipes and towels to bring with you, visit Ezywipe’s website!


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