What Should be in Your Kids’ Lunch Boxes?

Learn more about the types of food that you should include in your kids’ lunch boxes and how they help improve your child’s nutrition.

As a parent, there’s an even bigger task after tucking your kids in, and that’s deciding on what to put in their lunch boxes the following day. As a parent, it’s normal to ask questions like “What can I make with the food we have in the house?” and “What can I make that’s delicious and healthy? What can I make that they’ll eat?”

To discipline our child to eat healthy is a handful, but surely not impossible. You only need to learn about the health benefits some meals can bring to further improve your child’s health and how you can balance healthy with delicious. Before you know it, your success rate in packing a healthy lunch box for you kids, which they’ll eat of course, will pay off as you see them looking and performing well in school and at home.


The food in your kids’ lunch boxes will not be opened until recess or lunch time. Here are safety reminders to remember first:

  • Prefer a thermal insulated lunch box or one with a freezer pack. If your kids are using a regular lunch box, include a wrapped water bottle to keep the food in cool temperature.
  • Follow hygienic food preparation steps. Make sure meals are still in good condition and/or are cooked well and lunch boxes are washed before use.
  • If their lunches were prepared the night before, be sure to store it in the refrigerator.
  • Perishable foods (dairy products, eggs and cooked meats) should be kept cool and consumed within four hours of preparation. Don’t pack them right after you’ve just cooked them. If you’ve prepared them overnight, cool them down before storing them in the refrigerator.

There are over a hundred food choices you can consider adding to your child’s lunch. Here are a few suggestions for you to try:


  • Vegetables


Instead of making your kids eat large chunks of vegetables, try making vegetable sticks. Make them out of carrots, asparagus, celery, radish, and cucumbers; this can be made into vegetable rounds. You can include your own homemade dip to spice it up.


  • Fruits


Fresh fruits will always be the best option to include in your kid’s lunch boxes. Avoid adding dried fruits, not only are they sticky but also high in sugar. Have a separate mini-container for you fruits, then cut the fruits into tiny little pieces. Mix different ones together to not only make it look delectable, but also to allow your kids to familiarize themselves to the different flavors of fruits.


  • Plain/flavoured Yoghurt


Plain yoghurt is always a healthier option than flavored ones. To add more taste into it, simply add slices of your chosen fruit to it and you’re done. But if you want to include ready-made flavored yoghurts, make sure to check its sugar content and to only include it occasionally.


  • Dips


When making or buying dips for you kids, always go for slightly salty yet healthier ones such as garlic dip, avocado dip, and mayonnaise. Avoid regularly adding chocolate dips or peanut butter dips to their lunch. But if you do, make sure to only include a small amount.


  • Pastry


There’s definitely more to life than sticking to the common white loaf of bread. Try buying in the bakery either the day before or early in the morning or even baking some the night before. Yes, you can make pastry using healthy ingredients too. Also, be creative! Buy or make ones with adorable shapes to bring smiles to your kids’ afternoons.


  • Have variations with the fillings of your sandwiches


Some examples of fillings you can include in your sandwich are tuna, egg, sliced cold meats, ham and cheese, grated carrot and lettuce, avocado, and chicken with bell peppers. Just try to  avoid chocolate spreads, butter,  jam, honey, and fatty ones. When adding any type of meat, be sure to include some vegetable to go with it as well.


  • Cakes and other desserts


To treat your child for a job well done in eating all the healthy meals you’ve packed for them, reward them with a small portion of sweets. Make it something they can share with their friends. Some of these sweets can be chocolate bars, cakes, muffins, and candies.

By making use of these healthy tips, you can be assured that your children will be able to give their best in school! It’s going to make all the planning and waking up early totally worth it,

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