How to Keep Your Kids Clean and Fresh During Play Time

“Play is so integral to childhood that a child who does not have the opportunities to play is cut off from a major portion of childhood.” -Musselwhite


Play time has has an important role in children’s development. It allows them to explore and engage their interests, to be creative with their imaginations, or activities such as arts and crafts. Play time also gives them a chance to socialize with others as they participate in group games.


Just as getting down and dirty cannot be avoided during play time, there are ways on how you can help your kids keep themselves and their surroundings clean.


Here’s how you can keep your kids clean after play time:


Pack extra clothes

Kids love to run around, crawl into places, and wipe their messy hands on to their clothes. Kids can be quite messy. That’s what kids do. That’s why it’s important to pack extra clothes for your kids when they’re playing outside. Pack a small towel to not only wipe off but also absorb all the sweat they’ll be releasing.


Bring a grooming kit

If your kids will be participating in an exhausting activity, chances are your kids will sweat a lot. By the activities’ end, they won’t really look or smell all that fresh anymore. Make sure they have their own grooming kits with that have items such as powder, comb, cologne, and even disposable wipes.


Here’s how you can get your kids to clean up after play time:

Tell them the importance of being tidy

Take the time to explain to your kids that they have the responsibility to take good care of all their belongings,. Explain to them that they have to return things the way they got them and help out other kids as well. If they can’t find a certain toy or item, teach them how to trace back their steps.

Once you’ve instilled this to them, they will be responsible wherever they are and will learn to also value the things of others as well.


Create an kid-friendly storage


Teaching kids how to clean up after themselves helps them become more responsible. As a parent, you want to ensure their safety at all times. As they start to clean up their things and toys, make sure they are able to reach the storage for those items. Check if there are is nothing there’s sharp around the boxes or drawers used as storage. Lastly, make sure that it is within their reach. If the storage is  outside of their reach, make sure you’re always there to assist them.


Start a game


Kids love games. They love anything that gives them energy and something they can be competitive at. Try different games where the winner will receive a special prize such as candies, a chance to choose what movie to watch, or an exemption from one household chore for a day. Not only will this teach them to become more responsible it will also teach them to strive for the things they want and to be a sport in situations where the odds aren’t in their favor.


Give them something  to look forward to


Giving incentives isn’t something that’s widely encouraged when it comes to parenting. But, it never hurts to try it once in awhile. It can be in a form of a game or simply a challenge. For example, if they manage to clean up in less than fifteen minutes, you’ll get them ice cream. The important thing here is that your kids will learn to focus on a goal they want to achieve.


Use a song


Work becomes less boring when you learn to put a little fun in it. Try having them sing songs they’re currently loving, old nursery rhymes they grew up listening to, or to a song you’ve all spontaneously composed as you are cleaning up. Your kids will have so much fun adding their own lyrics to the song, they won’t even notice how much cleaning up they’ve already done.


Getting dirty is easy, it’s the cleaning-up part that kids usually avoid doing. But with these easy tips, you’ll be able to keep your kids clean after a long play time and teach them responsibilities that will help shape them into better people in the future.


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