How to Keep the Kids Active During the Weekend

The weekend is the best time to not only unwind, but also to go out and try fun and exciting activities the whole family will enjoy. Trying different activities to strengthen your bond as a family and to improve your child’s early development.


Here are various activities to keep your kids active during the weekend:


Going on a family picnic


With so much going on with your family’s lives, there seems to be more time for personal problems and not much for doing things together, and enjoy each other’s company. A picnic provides the perfect opportunity to bridge gaps between you and everyone in your family.   

Going on a family picnic brings numerous benefits to your kids such as improving their mental health. Kids who spend enough time in a natural environment tend to have lower levels of anxiety and reduced neural activity in the subgenual prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain where detections of a mental illness is detected.

It also keeps your kids away from electronic distractions. While on a family picnic, you and your kids can play various classic Filipino games such as Taya, Patintero, and Habu Habulan. You can also teach them how to fly kites and do some cloud watching.

Lastly, it builds tradition. It’s heartwarming to see your kids look forward to a family tradition. As parents, it’s your job to make sure your kids never lose their sense of belongingness and that they can depend on family for emotional, and sometimes even spiritual, support. You’d be surprised



Enrolling in a swimming lesson


Enrolling your children in swimming lessons and encouraging them to do it regularly can have significant benefits not just for their overall development, but also for their safety. And knowing how hot it can be in the Philippines, swimming is the perfect way to not only have a healthy physical body and maintain an active lifestyle, but also to cool down from the heat of the weather.

By teaching your children to swim, you will feel secure to let them have fun in the water, whether it’s in an indoor pool, in a resort, or at the beach. Because you’re confident that they’ll always be able to swim back to safety in-case they accidentally fall into the deeper parts of the pool or get pulled into further into the sea due to the strong wave currents.

According to Better Health, swimming keeps your heart rate up, takes some of the impact stress off your body, builds endurance, improves your muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness, helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs, tones muscles and builds strength, and provides an all-over body workout. What could be better than knowing your children are staying physically healthy and are having fun while doing it.

Swimming also improve your children’s mental and emotional health. It helps your children improve on their mental focus and with swimming being a physical activity, it lowers their stress and anxiety levels. Bonding over swimming, whether it’s by the pool or the beach, allows your child to emotionally lean on you for advice and comfort, strengthening your bond as a family.



Visiting Museums

Photo taken from Philippine Flight Network’s page

It can be quite a challenge when it comes to bringing your younger children to a museum, especially due to the fact that the younger your kids are, the shorter their attention spans are and their inability to fully understand the rich history of an art piece. Luckily, there are museums in the country such as Museong Pambata that recreates the museum experience to the comprehension, aesthetics, and overall enjoyment of kids.

Museums offer an enjoyable and educational opportunity to expose and awaken the curiosity of children to a rich and artistic environment. And since most children’s museums offer an interactive learning experience, they are given the chance to learn in their own pace. As a parent, use this chance to test and challenge their understanding by asking questions, hearing their interpretation of an art piece, and asking what’s their favorite among the pieces they’ve seen and why. This helps build the foundation for your kids’ creativity, critical thinking, and curiosity.




Nurture your kids curiosity and show them that there’s more to life than just sitting at home and staring in front of a computer all day. Open their minds to activities that they may become passionate about in the future. Teach them how to keep active even during weekends.


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