For The Green Adventurer: Compressed Disposable Wipes & Towels

Discover how one can travel with convenience by bringing compressed and disposable wipes and towels.

The way to travel easy is to travel light. Essentials such as bath towels, facial towels, and wipes aren’t necessary to bring if you’re going to be staying in a hotel. But for those who are planning to go backpacking on mountains, along riverbanks, or in forests; you might not find a hotel or convenience store nearby. Best to bring only the things you really need.

Compressed disposable wipes & towels are safe, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly items that travelers can take with them anywhere. They come in forms that allow travelers to pack lightly. After all, who would want to bring detergent soap on a backpacking adventure, right?

The best and most important use of these compressed disposable wipes and towels is that they help people live a more eco-friendly life. But why stop there? Here are 10 things you can do  to have an eco-friendly vacation:


Plan for you destination

Most of the mode of transportation we use today contribute to the number one nemesis of our planet, climate change. To lessen your travel emissions, try choosing a vacation place that’s close to home. In that way, you will not only save on gas, time, and energy, but also on the release of carbon pollution.

Choose the best way to get to your destination

If you’re only travelling domestically, especially if it’s just a short haul flight, opt for land or sea transportation even if it means longer travel hours. Not only does it help the environment, it also costs less.

But If you must fly, choose an airline that has a higher passenger rate. Cheaper flights are more efficient because more passengers choose this option to save money, making it practical a choice as well.


Remember to always follow social responsibilities

Respect the local environment. It’s good to admire the plants and animals you see around, but that doesn’t give you the right to pick plants or feed the animals – it might cause harm to either you or the animal, and the ecology of the place. Always remember to throw your wastes in proper places and never flush any plastic or cotton items down the toilet.


Conserve water and energy



Take showers rather than baths; sterilize drinking water when necessary instead of buying bottled ones; reuse your hotel towels and bed linen as much as you can. Also, if the weather is not too hot, lessen the use of air-conditioning and turn off all lights and taps when you are outside of your hotel room.


Recycle and reduce



If you’re staying in a hotel or you just happen to bring one item such as newspapers, magazines, and beverage containers, always try to find a way to reuse them. When you’re eating in a restaurant or fast food chain, reduce your use of napkins and disposable cups.


Be careful of the things you’ll buy as souvenirs

Always think twice before you buy any local products, especially in market places. They could be illegal because the items are made from any endangered species. Buying items like animal skin, tortoise shell, and ivory is punishable by different laws.


Have a reusable shopping bag with you




Every time you think of doing groceries or going shopping, have one of those foldable and reusable shopping bags with you. Avoiding plastic bags, which roughly takes 500 years to decompose, earns you a point in helping the environment.


Always pack light



Every kilo in your luggage and every passenger count has a great factor in  flying. The amount of carbon emissions released depends on how much the plane weighs. You can help lessen that by packing only what you need.


Share the ride



One of the best things you can do for your environment when travelling is opting to take public transport instead of using private vehicles. Doing this lets you contribute less on carbon emissions, and it will make your travel experience more personal as it gives you the chance interact with different people.


Avoid drinking from bottle water



Plastic bottles not only account for waste in the environment, but also for health hazards. To save both your health and the environment, bring empty stainless water bottles and place it in your luggage. Re-fill it with water when you reach your destination.


Follow the path



When going on physically challenging adventures, stay on marked trails and maintain a safe distance from everything that is unfamiliar to you. You never know when an animal will come at you for touching their natural habitat or when the plant you touch ends up being poisonous.

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