Finding New & Refreshing Adventures

Create beautiful memories and unforgettable moments by finding new and refreshing adventures to try with your friends and family in the Philippines.

Backpacking for an adventure in the sea, mountains, or forests makes us see and appreciate the beauty of nature. Trying new adventures even within the city makes us realize there’s more to it than entering shops and walking around inside malls.

Exploring and finding new and refreshing adventures to take part in allows us to make the most of our trip, and dares us to try things we never knew we could do. It makes us appreciate the beauty of the place we’re in and will continuously remind us why we traveled there in the first place.


Below are new and refreshing adventures to try in the Philippines:


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Zoobic Safari Adventure

If you are a lover of animals or as a kid, you’re used to visiting zoos, then this twenty-five-hectare forest  will give you both nostalgia and thrill. Located at the Subic Bay Freeport, the Zoobic Safari Adventure offers a close encounter with different farm, semi-domesticated, wild, and exotic animals. You will also encounter animals roaming, interacting and, basically, living in their diverse simulated natural habitats.

Here are places in the Zoobic Safari Adventure that you can tour:

Zoobic Park – a two-hectare forest wherein you have to do a little bit of trekking to see different animals and how they move in their simulated natural habitat. You will also be given the chance to pet and feed these animals.

Serpentarium – a place in the Zoobic Safari where they showcase various species of reptiles such as snakes, lizards and  turtles.

Rodent World  – an incredible collection of different unique rodents.

Animal MuZOOeum – a collection of taxidermied animals along with preserved bones and chemically preserved animal skin.

Tiger Safari – a chance for you to hop on aboard a customized Safari Jeep and experience the thrill of being noticed, approached, and, chased by full-grown tigers roaming free in one area of the safari.

Bird Walk – Experience feeding parakeets or lovebirds on the palm of your hand.

Aetas’ Trail – a chance to witness our Native Aeta Brothers’ culture and see them perform some of their traditional dances.

Croco loco – Feed the big and scary crocodiles found just below the protective bridge. All you need to do is to pay for one bamboo pole with a chicken tied to eat. You will be able to see how high the crocodiles i will keep for their meal.

For more activities, Zoobic Safari Adventures also offers Zoobic and Forbidden Cave Bunkers, Edu-tainment Animal Show, Zoombic Photo, and Zoovenir Shop.

Address: Group I Ilanin Forest, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines

Attire: Casual

Opening Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (Daily)


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City Kart Racing

If you’re looking for a place where you can experience life in the fast lane, City Kart Racing is the place you’re looking for! Founded by Jean-Marc Feilhaber, this 700-meter go-kart racetrack offers you a safe, exhilarating, and fun Go-Kart racing adventure.

City Kart Racing is suitable for both expert go-kart drivers and beginners. To ensure their safety, City Kart’s crew checks the facilities before and after any race takes place. As for the customers, you will be briefed of City Kart’s dos and don’ts as well as the racetrack’s twists and turns before suiting up for a race. For hygienic purposes, customers will be asked to wear masks before putting on their helmets.

Crew members will always be available throughout the race track. They will provide you with professional assistance if ever your race cart malfunctions. They also use standard racing flags to remind drivers what to do and what’s happening around the racetrack while driving. You will be briefed by the City Kart Racing team of the meaning of these colored flags.

Lastly, City Kart Racing has facilities with function halls, a mini-bar, and a dining area which can be used for both private and corporate events.

Address: City Kart Racing Circuit Makati, Barangay Carmona, Makati City 1207 Philippines

Attire: Casual

Opening Hours: 3:00pm to 12:00am (Monday-Thursday) / 10:00am to 12:00am (Friday-Saturday)


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Puerto Princesa Underground River

You’ve probably heard this a million times, mostly from people who have been to this place, that Puerto Princesa’s Underground River is worth the travel.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site awardee and declared as one of the Seven New Wonders of the World back in 2012, Puerto Princesa’s Underground River is an 8.2 kilometer cave, with only 4 kilometers navigable by boat. Because of that, tourists are only allowed to explore 1.2 kilometer of the river, because of environmental issues. If you wish to tour deeper parts of the cave, you will need special permits for that.

Both St. Paul’s river cave is visited by thousands of tourists per year because of its limestone caves, crystal-clear serene waters, and strange rock formations.

Upon arriving in Palawan, you will need to take two boats to get to the Puerto Princesa Underground River, one going to the mouth of the river and the other going inside the cave itself. Each boat ride has a maximum of 8 passengers and one local tour guide. Before entering the cave, you will be asked to wear life vests and helmets for protection. You will also be given an earpiece each to hear facts and other information about the underground river such as its history and its benefits to the local community.

Puerto Princesa’s Underground River is known for its amazing and unique rock formations found inside the cave. Some of these rock formations are take on shapes of animals such as a crocodile, a dinosaur, and a jellyfish. There are also other rock formations that take shapes of other things, among them is called “The Italian Chamber”, a huge stalagmite with its own island and is said to be as high as a three-story building. Another is the “Holy Family” rock formation known to be in the same small island as well.

Even for a minimum of 30 minutes, you get to see nature’s beauty, the pride it brings to the locals, and the amazing things that can only be found in the island of Palawan.

Address: Island of Sabang, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Attire: Casual / Swimwear

Opening Hours: 6:30 am – 4:00 or 6:00 pm (Depends on the schedule of your tour)


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Paoay Sand Dunes

The Paoay Sand Dunes is a popular tourist destination among those who wish to explore Northern Luzon. The land of Ilocos Norte’s Sand Dunes encompasses the small town of Camarao to Pasuquin.

To begin your adventure in Paoay, you need to hire a 4×4 vehicle at the base of the site. Each ride can only accommodate a maximum of 5 passengers. A professional driver will guide you in the expansive sand dunes. You can ask the driver to stop over if you wish to do some sightseeing and take pictures.

Once you arrive at the sand dunes, you try fun activities such as sand boarding, where you’ll  be given a piece of plank as your only equipment. You can either sit on it or ride it the same way you would ride a skateboard. Don’t be afraid to fall off as the sands will serve as your soft cushion when you land. The real challenge is going up the steep sand dunes after your ride down.

You can also try the “Roller Coaster”, where your rented 4×4 ride will drive on the sand dunes at fast speed, making you jump with excitement!

Address:  Paoay, 2902 Ilocos Norte

Attire: Casual

Opening Hours: 6:00 am – 6:30 pm

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Sabang Beach

Declared as the “Birthplace of Surfing in The Philippines” because it’s among the first places where surfing was introduced as a sport. Barangay Sabang in Baler is a 2-kilometer gray sand beach that faces the East of the Pacific Ocean. Because of its location, it is also declared to be the sunrise beach of Aurora.

Along Sabang Beach, you will find different hotels, hostels, and restaurants that cater to tourists visiting the area. The beach area is protected by a seawall with a boardwalk that is connected to most of the hotels’ seaside restaurants and cafes. Below the boardwalk are surfing schools that charge on an hourly basis for instructors and surfboard rental. The best time to surf is either during sunrise or sunset. Watching the sun rise and set gives an equal excitement as feeling the blow of strong waves when surfing.

Sabang Beach is known for its delicious food, rich history, and exciting adventures. You will find numerous hotels and resorts as well as a variety of restaurants aligned near the beach on  the Northern Side of Sabang.

While on the Southern side, it will allow you to connect with your nature-lover side as you visit the mouth of Duongan River. This side of Sabang is filled with cottages and cozy spots to put up tents.

Address: Sabang, Baler

Attire: Swimwear

Opening Hours: –



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