Simply isolate an Ezywipe tablet, pour water on it, and wait for it to expand. Add more water as needed.

Ezywipe is simply a compressed towel that can be used alongside other hygienic products such as alcohol, water, or liquid soap.

Yes. It is made of a biodegradable material called Rayon. You can read more about the product on the “What are Ezywipes?” page.

Yes. Ezywipes are made of Rayon, a material which has a higher rate of biodegradation than natural cotton and acetate.

Yes. The materials used on Ezywipes can absorb liquid at a higher rate than natural cotton. This makes Ezywipes an ideal companion for moisturizing and cleaning your skin.

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No. Ezywipes are simply 100% compressed rayon towels/towelettes.

Ezywipes can be used in different situations. It can be used as a travel companion — we have compressed beach towels for road trips, towelettes for daily use, and medium-sized towels that can be used from wiping sweat to patting yourself dry from a swim.

All Ezywipes product packaging has an indicated expiration date that you can check before purchasing.

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