Travel Essentials Wherever You Go

You know fully well that no plane will wait for a late passenger, especially once the final call has been done. Apart from the recommended time of arrival in the airport, which is three hours before your flight, you should have your things ready the day before your departure. Remember, each international airport has its own rules and regulations. Though most of the time, the general rules are the same.


Below are travel essentials you need it your check-in & hand carry luggage:



If you’re in for a short flight, it’s more convenient to use your luggage as your second carry-on item. Just be reminded to check the rules of the airport you’ll be departing from, because some airports are strictly implementing the “One check-in luggage, one carry-on” rule with passengers.

It is also more convenient to purchase luggages that have multiple partitions and are expandable. With these types of luggage, you’ll no longer need to bring more bags than necessary to organize your things.




Undergarments are one of the smallest things you’ll be packing in your luggage. This also makes them the easiest to wash and fastest ones to dry. Three sets of undergarments, including the ones you’re wearing when you start your trip, is all you will ever really need, whether it’s a long or short flight.



Rolled clothes

A good trick to save luggage space is to roll your clothes instead of folding them when packing. You’ll quickly notice the amount of space available in your luggage for all your other essential items.



Toiletry Bag

A grooming kit or toiletry bag is a no-brainer for every traveller. Anywhere you go, you will need to have some sort of grooming item in your bag. In this case, it’s best to have them all in one bag.

First things first, decide where you’re going to place your toiletry bag. If it’s inside the carry-on bag, make sure they are 100 ml and below. You’re free to bring gels and liquids above 100 ml if they’re going to be inside your check-in luggage and if you have no plans on touching up in the entire duration of your flight. Second, make sure to seal them tight. Liquid products tend to explode from their packaging due to cabin pressure. What a mess that would be, right?




Whether you’ll be using a medicine kit, a pill organizer, or a ziplock bag, make sure they are prescribed to you by your doctor. Airport securities are strict when it comes to bringing any medication on board. Remain calm at all times when they decide to conduct an inspection and always have your supporting documents of your prescription medicine with you.



Bag Tag

A bag tag has more importance than what you take it for. Other than the possibility of having someone mistaking your  bag as theirs, the possibility of you forgetting where you left it may happen. If your luggage gets lost in the airport, it then gets surrendered to the authorities, having a bag tag with your contact information on it is useful to help confirm that you are its owner.



Charging Wires  & Gadgets

In today’s time, it’s impossible to leave your home without your smartphone. And when you’re going to be travelling somewhere far, you’ll surely be bringing your chargers, power banks, and other accessories with you. To organize them properly, have a bag or a partition in your suitcase just for your gadgets. To prevent your wires from being tangled, you can either buy a wire organizer or fold them properly, and hold each one together by wrapping a string or a ponytail band around it.




Bringing your documents, especially your passport, is among the crucial things to bring with you  when travelling via airplane or crossing borders. Have all your documents such as hotel reservations, travel ticket (optional), and other supporting documents that prove your identity all in one clear plastic envelope. This helps you stay organized when being inspected by airport authorities.




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